There must be a place under the sun where hearts of olden glory grow young…

QonoS HoD-Daj

We have expelled the Jem’Hadar petaQpu from Deep Space 9, and the Federation has reclaimed the station. Though we have been at war for some time now, the threat of the increased Borg presence in the Alpha Quadrant, has let cooler heads prevail for now. Add to that the ever-present threat of the Undine, the Reman unrest and the possible return of the Iconians… we have bigger targ to hunt than just the Federation.

Task Force Omega has set off for Gamma Orionis, and the MhaQ’Beth will join them shortly. For honor, for glory, yes. But more for the sake of the Empire, and the whole of the Alpha Quadrant.

And for you, my love. Thelon-Shal… bomDI’ ‘IwwIj qaqaw.¬†Though the traitors who took you from me have been sent on their way to torment in Gre’thor, the memory of you still sings in my blood.

You would like Vrunkir. His is an inquisitive mind, and though he knows little of Klingon honor, he has both a warrior’s heart and a peaceful spirit. The strength of the Remans flows in his blood, but his Deferi-born belief in the Great Balance guides him. He is young, but he will learn, and bring much honor to himself and our house.



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