There must be a place under the sun where hearts of olden glory grow young…


Among the MhaQ’Beth‘s crew of outsiders are:

  • Vrunkir – a half-Deferi, half-Reman that General Uth’ryc liberated from a Breen labor camp and took on as ruustai brother. Vrunkir is young, but highly intelligent, and serves as operations officer.
  • Talash – the Gorn first officer, fiercely loyal to Uth’ryc.
  • Vodokon – a Reman expatriate, serving as science officer.
  • Kobor – the aging chief engineer
  • Limet’Eklat – a rare example of a Jem’Hadar that does not need the synthetic enzyme in the drug ketricel-white to survive. Following the liberation of DS9, Third Limet’Eklat was attached to the MhaQ’Beth as an “exchange officer” and leads a small contingent of Jem’Hadar on tactical, reconnaissance and combat operations for General Uth’ryc.

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